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MTA is a multifunctional technical additive which gives hiding power (opacity), flow and brushability to waterborne paints.
MTA is a special additive based on micro sphere homogenously dispersed. MTA looks like a fluid cream similar to the paint but it’s constituted by micro spheres invisible to the human eyes. The dispersion is completed with a binder which aggregate the spheres and improves the wet abrasion resistance (scrub resistance) and resistance to atmospheric agents. The size and hardness of the spheres guarantee the brushability of the paints added with MTA. The spheres work as an internal solid lubricating agent. The composition of the spheres improves the hiding power (opacity) of the paints.
MTA is useful for all the waterborne paint which has to improve in terms of hiding power (opacity) and flow during the drying time. MTA can be used in all the internal and external paints. The additive improves the wet abrasion resistance and resistance to atmospheric agents.
The VOC (Volatile Organic Contents) of MTA is 15 gr/lt (D.lgs. n.161 27/03/2006). This means that is possible to add MTA to all the waterborne paints without changing the solvent emission in the atmosphere.

MTA gives to the paints the following performances:
• brushability
• flow during the drying time
• hiding power (opacity)
• low VOC (15 gr/lt)
• reduction of specific weight (more or less -3 %)
• resistance to wet abrasion and atmospheric agents
• It’s useful for internal and external paints.


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