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ANTIQUA IMAGE is a protective and decorative mineral based product that gives a pleasant old-looking aspect. The application of ANTIQUA IMAGE is easy, it is suggested for internal and external wall decoration, it reproduces the esthetic effects like antique or naturally old plaster obtaining beautiful uneven color effects.
The final decorative effects are characterized by light and dark zone that, depending on the tools used and the substrate colour, are able to create different decorations in terms of hues and appearance. The mineral which gives the old-looking aspect has aesthetic effects which changes every times. For this reason it’s possible to have differences between a batch and the other and chromatic variations on the final colorful product.
The product is water based, odourless, with low VOC content. It is characterized by high washability, high wet scrub resistance, light and atmospheric agent resistance and high water-vapour permeability.
ANTIQUA IMAGE is available in two versions: a “BASE BIANCA” for light colors such as "pastel" and a “BASE MEDIA” one to get more intense colors. It is possible to obtain a large number of hues by addition of small amounts of concentrated pigment pastes. Due to the variability of the chromaticity of the contained natural mineral in ANTIQUA IMAGE, the tones of colour cards have to be considered pure indicative.



ANTIQUA IMAGE PEARLESCENT is the brand name of two decorative and protective paints for indoor use based on waterborne binder, minerals and pearlescent pigments which give the surfaces an pleasent old looking effect with metallic reflection.
ANTIQUA IMAGE PEARLESCENT is available in two versions: one with golden reflections called “ANTIQUA IMAGE GOLD” and one with silver reflections called “ANTIQUA IMAGE SILVER”. Adding a small quatity of colourants it is possible to obtain a plenty of different cromathic effects. Basing on the tools used to apply the product the “shadows-lights” effect allows to obtain peculiar final textures.
The old looking effect is provided by a special mineral which, because of its special nature, always gives a different effect. Therefore it is possible to notice some difference among the batches and some variations in the final colored paint. That’s why colour card are to be indicative only.

ANTIQUA IMAGE PEARLESCENT is easy to apply, waterbased, odourless, low VOC content, elevated resisance to washing and humid abrasion and elevated vapour permeabilità.


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