NUOVA ERA Multicolour Decorative System

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NUOVA ERA Multicolour Decorative System

Florentia – Venetia – Roma

Water-based Decorative Multicolour System

NUOVA ERA, in FLORENTIA – VENETIA – ROMA versions, is the base for formulating very elegant and charming ancient effects in a very easy way. To obtain the finished product ready to apply, it is necessary to add colorants to NUOVA ERA.
NUOVA ERA shows good abrasion, water and impact resistances together with adequate light fastness and weathering resistance that makes it suitable for both interiors and exteriors application.

NUOVA ERA comes in a form of a transparent base in which white “flakes” are dispersed.
These flakes have the peculiarity to do not absorb the colour we are going to add with toner or tinting machine. This is the synthesis of MACRI CHEMICALS patented technology.

The three versions differ by flakes quantity and by the tinting system to be used:
• NUOVA ERA FLORENTIA: more flakes than vehicle. The suggested colorant to be added is a “toner” prepared diluting concentrated pigment pastes in a transparent vehicle.
• NUOVA ERA VENETIA: it is less flakes and more vehicle. It is possible to colour this version by simply adding few colorant drops from a tinting machine.
• NUOVA ERA ROMA: it is good balance between flakes and vehicle. This is the most versatile version and it is possible to add colorants in both ways mentioned above.



Water-based decorative system

NUOVA ERA GLAMOUR is studied to offer on Coatings market a highly innovative Multicolour Decorative System improving the features of existing products.
The making of this product is based on specific and exhaustive studies.
This new generation comes from a totally innovative formulation concept with very special decorative effects.
The key features of NUOVA ERA GLAMOUR are:

1. totally water-based with consequent limited environmental impact, the VOC is verging on zero;
2. water and weathering resistance that makes it suitable for exteriors application;
3. easily applicable by roller, brush or any other tool: for this reason it is suitable for DIY market. The wide assortment of colours let everybody obtain personal results according to individual creativity;
4. very good in-can stability without flocculation, sediment wand sineresys risk

To prove the characteristics of wash ability, vapour permeability, adhesion, stain resistance, we committed to an independent Government accredited laboratory – GFC CHIMICA – to conduct a series of tests. The results are available upon request.

NUOVA ERA GLAMOUR is a decorative paint composed of a base and a dispersion of coloured flakes. The bases are white, silver and gold. Coloured flakes look like gel. They are a dispersion of grains, containing different coloured pigments, their size is well visible at naked eye.

Due to their particular properties, NUOVA ERA GLAMOUR products can be applied for both interiors and exteriors, they are washables and show a very good stain resistance: they can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth or a sponge if the surface is accidentally stained. VOC content is very low (according to criteria n° 2 and n° 3 2002/739/CE/ECOLABEL), this means that solvent emissions are limited and without particular risks for both environment and health.
Ageing tests with prolonged weathering and UV rays exposure were conducted to prove the behaviour of the finished product in exterior applications.
The product has no colour or aspect variations and the film keeps its characteristics granting good water resistance and outstanding vapour permeability.

NUOVA ERA GLAMOUR coloured flakes are also compatible with NUOVA ERA FLORENTIA – VENETIA – ROMA series in order to enhance colour palette.


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